The Islets of Langerhans

  • Md. Shahidul Islam

Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 654)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xix
  2. Peter In’t Veld, Miriam Marichal
    Pages 1-19
  3. R. Scott Heller
    Pages 21-37
  4. Anabel Rojas, Adrian Khoo, Juan R. Tejedo, Francisco J. Bedoya, Bernat Soria, Franz Martín
    Pages 59-75
  5. Marlon E. Cerf
    Pages 77-89
  6. Philip Newsholme, Celine Gaudel, Neville H. McClenaghan
    Pages 91-114
  7. Gisela Drews, Peter Krippeit-Drews, Martina Düfer
    Pages 115-163
  8. Rebecca Clark, Peter Proks
    Pages 165-192
  9. Pierre Maechler, Ning Li, Marina Casimir, Laurène Vetterli, Francesca Frigerio, Thierry Brun
    Pages 193-216
  10. Martin Kragl, Eckhard Lammert
    Pages 217-234
  11. M. Shahidul Islam
    Pages 235-259
  12. Richard Bertram, Arthur Sherman, Leslie S. Satin
    Pages 261-279
  13. Brian Furman, Wee Kiat Ong, Nigel J. Pyne
    Pages 281-304
  14. Haruo Kasai, Hiroyasu Hatakeyama, Mitsuyo Ohno, Noriko Takahashi
    Pages 305-338
  15. Meftun Ahmed
    Pages 363-390
  16. Zhengyu Liu, Joel F. Habener
    Pages 391-419
  17. Dan Kawamori, Hannah J. Welters, Rohit N. Kulkarni
    Pages 421-445
  18. James D. Johnson, Dan S. Luciani
    Pages 447-462
  19. Bernard Portha, Grégory Lacraz, Audrey Chavey, Florence Figeac, Magali Fradet, Cécile Tourrel-Cuzin et al.
    Pages 479-500
  20. Piero Marchetti, Roberto Lupi, Silvia Del Guerra, Marco Bugliani, Lorella Marselli, Ugo Boggi
    Pages 501-514
  21. Bernardo Léo Wajchenberg
    Pages 515-535
  22. Daria La Torre, Åke Lernmark
    Pages 537-583
  23. Danny Zipris
    Pages 585-610
  24. Martin Hermann, Raimund Margreiter, Paul Hengster
    Pages 711-724
  25. Paolo Cravedi, Irene M. van der Meer, Sara Cattaneo, Piero Ruggenenti, Giuseppe Remuzzi
    Pages 749-769
  26. Sara Ekeblad
    Pages 771-789
  27. Back Matter
    Pages 791-798

About this book


When new fellows join my lab, I give them some reading materials so that they can orient themselves in their assignment in a new eld. When fellows leave my lab, some after writing their dissertations, I prefer to give them a book as a symbolic present. I was longing for a book that contained something on more or less eve- thing about the islets. At the same time, I wished it contained information as recent as possible. There are a few such books in the market but they are pretty outdated. I started picking islets myself from October 1990, when I joined the Rolf Luft Center, Karolinska Institutet. Over the years my fascination for islet research remained high. Since last year, I felt a stronger urge to do more for these mysterious and hidden mini-organs that are directly or indirectly involved in the pathogenesis of all forms of diabetes that affects ?250 million people in the world. After I launched the Islet (landesbioscience. com/journals/islets) and founded the Islet Society (isletso- ety. org), there was a momentum that could be utilized to create something equally meaningful i. e. this book. The idea cracked in September 2008. Starting September 19, 2008, I contacted an estimated 90% of the authors who published anything on the islets during 2007–2008 and who could be traced from the internet.


Diabetes Diabetes mellitus Immunity Insulin Secretion Islets Of Langerhans Pancreatic Islets Proteomics Vivo cellular processes insulin regulation

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