Urban Practices from Delicacy Management to Governance in Contemporary China

The Case of Xuhui District, Shanghai

  • Gaohong Chen
  • Jiannan Wu
  • Lufa Zhang

Part of the Urban Governance Practices in China book series (Urban )

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  4. Shengquan Che, Ziyang Lou
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  5. Lufa Zhang, Ling Jiang
    Pages 101-162
  6. Yihong Liu, Guanghua Han
    Pages 163-215
  7. Bo Peng, Jing Xiong
    Pages 217-259
  8. Bo Peng, Jing Xiong
    Pages 261-329

About this book


This book focuses on the practice and experience of urban delicacy governance in Xuhui District, Shanghai. As we know, urbanization is the inevitable course for agricultural civilization to move towards industrial civilization. Over the past forty years, the urbanization of China has developed rapidly and has become an important push for economic development and social progress. At the same time, the rapid expansion of city scale, the shortage of public services, environmental pollution, traffic congestion, housing tension, as well as other urban pain points have emerged, and these have brought about serious challenges to urban governance. Delicacy management is the concentrated expression of modern scientific management theory and the inherent requirement to realize the modernization of national governance systems and governance capability. From delicacy management to delicacy governance, urban governance needs the transformation of logic. Shanghai has been identified as the only super city in the Yangtze River Delta and East China. It is of great significance to understand the theory and practice of urban governance in Shanghai. Meanwhile, Xuhui District is one of the seven central urban areas in Shanghai with a profound historical background, important institutions, advanced science and education.  


Urban governance Theories & Practices Delicacy urban governance Case study Urban renewal and protection Ecological environmental protection Public service Self-governance

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