New Racism

Revisiting Researcher Accountabilities

  • Norma Romm

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This book combines the sociological exploration of human being in society with an examination of human knowing processes and their justification in the social fabric. It connects this to discussions around race/ethnicity, gender, and class issues. The book brings together these areas of inquiry and explores options for enhancing social research on new racism. Besides offering an in-depth comparison of different definitions of new racism, the book examines a range of research styles that have been used to approach the field, and offers suggestions as to how these can be extended. With careful reference to examples, the book spells out how researchers can take into consideration the potential social impacts of their inquiry approaches.

This book provides readers with an overview of debates on new racism, and helps them reconsider methodological and epistemological debates in the social sciences and their implications for social and political practice. 


Accountabilities Aversive Racism Cognitions of Racism Cultural Racism Focus group Institutional Racism Modern Racism New Racism Racism Revisiting Researcher Symbolic Racism Systemic Racism interview

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