Work/Life City Limits

Comparative Household Perspectives

  • Helen Jarvis

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    Pages i-xiii
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    Pages 106-140
  6. Helen Jarvis
    Pages 141-171
  7. Helen Jarvis
    Pages 172-205
  8. Helen Jarvis
    Pages 206-223
  9. Back Matter
    Pages 224-277

About this book


This book demonstrates how local contexts of urbanization and cultures of work are intimately meshed together. Each chapter explores a discrete dimension of the way people organize their working lives in post-industrial cities, taking close account of the social and environmental impact of this balancing act. The book features cross-national and inter-city comparative household level research, highlighting significant contradictions underpinning the nature of production, consumer expectation, work-life balance and urban environmental quality.


environment Familie Nation nature sustainability

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