Cleft Constructions in Japanese Syntax

  • Mika Kizu

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    Pages 101-157
  4. Mika Kizu
    Pages 159-203
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    Pages 205-206
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    Pages 207-245

About this book


Cleft constructions occur across languages and are much analyzed in relation to syntax, semantics and pragmatics. Mika Kizu, working in a Principles and Parameters framework, with some consideration of the Minimalist Program, provides the first coherent account of cleft constructions in Japanese. She claims that the construction is analyzed on a par with topic constructions and some types of relative clause. One of the most interesting properties, the syntactic phenomenon of 'connectivity' is closely examined.


Index relative clauses Scrambling semantics syntactic Syntax

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  1. 1.Department of East Asian StudiesUniversity of DurhamUnited Kingdom

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