Reading American Novels and Multicultural Aesthetics

Romancing the Postmodern Novel

  • Authors
  • Lou Freitas Caton

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xviii
  2. Introduction Romancing the Canon and the Broad Argument for a Post-Metaphysics

  3. Theory Samuel Coleridge and European Romanticism: An Interpretive Strategy for America’s Literary Canon

  4. Practice Romantic Critical Readings of America’s Contemporary Novel

  5. Conclusion Feeling Romantic, Thinking Postmodern: Last Words on form in a Multicultural Age

  6. Back Matter
    Pages 205-265

About this book


Using romantic theories, Caton analyzes America's contemporary novel. Organized through the two sections of "Theory" and "Practice," Reading American Novels and Multicultural Aesthetics begins with a study of aesthetic form only to have it reveal the content of politics and history. This presentation immediately offers a unified platform for an interchange between multiple cultural and aesthetic positions. Romantic theory provides for an integrated examination of diversity, one that metaphorically fosters a solid, inclusive, and democratic legitimacy for intercultural communication. This politically astute cosmopolitan appreciation will generate an intriguing "cross-over" audience: from ethnic studies to American studies and from literary studies to romantic studies, this book will interest a range of readers.


aesthetics America Coleridge novel Renaissance Romanticism

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