Anti-Communist Minorities in the U.S.

Political Activism of Ethnic Refugees

  • Editors
  • Ieva Zake

Table of contents

  1. Introduction Ethnic Anti-Communism in the United States

  2. The Cold War Warriors

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 23-23
    2. Myron B. Kuropas
      Pages 43-66
    3. Benjamin F. Alexander
      Pages 67-86
    4. Judith Fai-Podlipnik
      Pages 87-107
    5. Ieva Zake
      Pages 127-150
    6. Vasil Paraskevov
      Pages 151-166
    7. Anna Mazurkiewicz
      Pages 167-185
  3. The Struggle Continues

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 187-187
    2. C. N. Le
      Pages 189-209
    3. Chia Youyee Vang
      Pages 211-231
    4. Jessica Gibbs, Alex Goodall
      Pages 233-253
    5. Ieva Zake
      Pages 255-258

About this book


Taking a new look at two controversial topics, American anti-Communism and the Cold War, this book reveals the little known history of anti-Communism in the US from the point of view of ethnic refugee/émigré groups, and also offers insight into the lives of minority groups that have hitherto not received scholarly attention.


communism Minorities politics

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