The Manipulation of Choice

Ethics and Libertarian Paternalism

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  • Mark D. White

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    Pages i-xv
  2. Mark D. White
    Pages 61-80
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    Pages 81-102
  4. Mark D. White
    Pages 103-126
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    Pages 151-185

About this book


This timely book makes a forceful argument that the analyses from behavioral economists are incomplete, the policies advocated by libertarian paternalists are misguided and unethical, and both actually reinforce the cognitive biases and dysfunctions that motivate 'nudges' in the first place. In a lighthearted manner, the author points out critical flaws in the way economists model decision-making, how behavioral economics failed to correct them, and how they led to the problems with libertarian paternalism and nudges. Sprinkled throughout with anecdotes, examples, and references to a wide range of scholarly literature, this new volume argues against the use of paternalistic nudges by the government and makes a positive case for individual choice and autonomy.

This book is part of White's triptych on individualism and society, which includes The Illusion of Well-Being and The Decline of the Individual.


nudge theory behavioral economics economics ethics

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