Terror and Civilization

Christianity, Politics and the Western Psyche

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  • Shadia B. Drury

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    Pages 131-157
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About this book


Drury regards the political problems of the modern world to be thoroughly Biblical. In the politics of the Twenty-first century, we find two equally arrogant and self-righteous civilizations confronting one another. Each is convinced that it is on the side of God, truth and justice, while its enemy is allied with Satan, wickedness and barbarism. The language of diplomacy and compromise has been replaced by the language of jihad or the struggle against the cosmic forces of evil. Life is radicalized; and all choices are polarized. Politics properly understood is eclipsed. Drury urges us to transcend the Biblical view of the world. Instead, she argues in favour of a genuinely liberal, secular and pluralistic understanding of politics.


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