Understanding Governance

Book Series
There are 15 volumes in this series
Published 2001 - 2019

About this series

Understanding Governance encompasses all theoretical approaches to the study of government and governance in advanced industrial democracies and the Commonwealth. It has three long-standing objectives: 
1. To develop new theoretical approaches to explain changes in the role of the state;
2. To explain how and why that role has changed; and  
3. To set the changes and their causes in comparative perspective.
The origins of the series lie in the renowned Whitehall Research Programme funded by the Economic and Social Research Council. Since 1997, it has published some 26 books by the best known names in the field including Colin Hay, David Marsh, Edward Page, Guy Peters, R. A. W. Rhodes, David Richards, Martin Smith and Patrick Weller.
Over the past twenty years the 'Understanding Governance' book series has constantly defined the state-of-the-art when it comes to the analysis of the modern state. From accountability to agencies, party politics to parliamentary power and from crisis-management to the core executive this book series continues to set the agenda in terms of world-class scholarship. —Matthew Flinders, Professor of Politics and Director of the Sir Bernard Crick Centre at the University of Sheffield