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OP AMP-RC Simulation of Passive Filters

  • Kendall Su


In this chapter we have described several methods for realizing active filters. These methods are all based on the simulation of known passive filters using active network techniques. Two major approaches are included. One of them is to replace impractical passive elements, chiefly inductances, with active circuits. The other is based on the internal electrical relationships of passive filters. When these relationships are written in such a way that they can be implemented with active circuits, the functional simulation of these passive filters will have been achieved. Experience has proven that these techniques can also provide practical and attractive alternatives to those methods described in the previous chapter.

The reader should keep in mind that the various methods represented in the last two chapters merely represent simpler and the more popular approaches of generating active filters. Numerous other methods of synthesizing active filters exist and some of them can also prove to be very practical and useful. However, we cannot include all of them in the limited space and time we are able to devote to these subjects.


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