Site Establishment

  • Alan Griffith
  • Paul Watson


An essential component of pre-tender planning, pre-contract planning and start on site is’ site establishment’. An efficient and effective site establishment provides the foundation for a successful project by configuring, structuring and organising those temporary facilities needed to support the works on site. While small construction works might require little temporary site establishment, larger projects may require extensive site infrastructure. This needs to be costed, built into the tender price and actually delivered on site to provide the management and resource capacity to carry out the works and to provide appropriate welfare facilities for persons working on site. Legislation must be adhered to when considering site organisation and welfare facilities, the prominent legislation being The Construction (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1996. In addition, local bye-laws and particular working restrictions affecting the site will need to be complied with. This chapter introduces those key aspects of site establishment which are common to large construction projects and, although not prescriptive, provide appropriate considerations.


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