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Notes on Fauna from Several Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Vent and Cold Seep Soft-Sediment Communities

  • Rosemarie F. Petrecca
  • J. Frederick Grassle
Conference paper


Since our initial summary of the macrofauna of hydrothermal soft sediments of Guaymas Basin and the Galapagos Mounds (Grassle et al., 1985), we have obtained cores from other hydrothermal vent and cold seep sites. In June 1988 we sampled a newly discovered area of hydrothermal venting in soft-sediment at about 3,200 m depth in the Escanaba Trough region of the Gorda Ridge (Van Dover et al., this volume). We also obtained samples from soft-sediment hydrothermal environments of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, the Florida Escarpment cold seep (Hecker, 1985), and the Laurentian Fan cold seep (Mayer et al., 1988). Additional results from the 1985 Guaymas Basin Expedition are also summarized.


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  • J. Frederick Grassle

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