EUS Complications

  • Ilaria TarantinoEmail author
  • Michele Amata


In recent years, endoscopic ultrasound (EUS) has established itself as a complete and innovative technology in the endoscopy. In the diagnostic and, more recently, the operative setting, EUS has permitted a high accuracy in GI cancer staging, with its own mini-invasive approach, even if this technique remains skill- demanding. Most EUS-guided interventions are safe, effective, and minimally invasive, compared to peers in the percutaneous radiological or surgical procedures. EUS-related complications are generally infrequent in expert hands; however, it is paramount for endosonographers to have sufficient knowledge of the indications, techniques, and potential risks involved before contemplating any given procedure. Currently, dedicated metal stents are more widely used compared to plastic stents for drainage of PFC and for biliary and gallbladder access and drainage of obstructed biliary system, in patients where ERCP has failed. In this chapter, the authors reported what is available in the literature concerning the adverse events related to diagnostic EUS and to interventional EUS-guided procedures.


EUS Adverse events EUS-FNA EUS guided EUS drainage 


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