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There are numerous training methods and equipment that can assist an athlete’s performance. Vibration exercise has gained popularity amongst coaches and conditioning experts for athletic development. The use of vibration exercise is varied and includes a single session or repeated bouts of exposure over weeks. Vibration has been included for injury rehabilitation, strength, explosive power, sprinting and balance and for accelerating recovery. Evidence suggests that vibration can have positive influence on explosive power and flexibility, but effects on strength measures and sprinting are less convincing for single session and short-term exposure. Additionally, vibration as a recovery strategy has little influence. Vibration exercise can be used in conjunction with other training methods, but other traditional training may produce the same or greater results. Often vibration is performed in the general preparation phase of training (off-season) in the anticipation that it will transfer to actual performance. However, the athlete’s requirements need to be considered, along with their timing and periodization.


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