Modern Border Security

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This chapter is an address by the late Rt Hon Bruce George OBE which was given to an international conference on ‘Integrated Border Management’ in the Republic of Moldova in 2007. Since then the issue of ‘border control’ has become a central feature of global populist rhetoric driven principally by what is portrayed as the threat of uncontrolled and large-scale migration. This was a key factor in the UK vote to Leave the EU in 2016. It has fuelled the success of right-wing parties in Europe, certainly contributed to Donald Trump’s victory in the US with his references to the Wall and can most recently be seen in new immigration and citizenship legislation in India. For these reasons, we thought that it would be appropriate to include an edited version of the address because Bruce George identifies other factors relating to border security and because the public discourse has for the most part drowned out rational discussion of migration. Although none of the other authors in this book tackles the subject, it is our view that it represents another critical issue with which tomorrow’s graduates will need to engage in objective, evidenced-based discourse.


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