Endodontic Guides and Software Planning

  • Niraj KinariwalaEmail author
  • Jørgen Buchgreitz
  • Lars Bjørndal
  • Bertold Molnár
  • Suresh Ludhwani


3D endodontic guide or endoguide is a template fabricated to guide drills into pre-planned positions for localization and exploration of root canal orifices or bone trephination and root end resection. It is method of static navigation in Endodontics. Using specialized software, the cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) data and corresponding intra-oral/model surface scan data are superimposed in specialized software and virtual drill path is created to explore pulp canal obliteration (PCO) and three-dimensional (3D) printing is done. As very few companies have customized software for endodontic guide planning and designing, implant softwares are used This chapter explains important aspects of endodontic guide, terminologies, guide planning and designing with software.


Endodontic guide Endoguide Surgical guide Software in endodontics Calcification Virtual drill path 

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