Heart Transplantation

  • Herwig Antretter
  • Guenther Laufer
  • Janet E. Kuhlman
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Heart transplantation (HTX) has evolved over the past 39 years from a rarely performed experimental procedure to a clinically well established therapy with an excellent circumoperative outcome regarding survival and quality of life. It was Christiaan Barnard who performed unexpectedly the first successfulhuman-to-humanhearttransplant(allograft) on 3 December, 1967 at Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town, South Africa (Barnard 1967, 1968); however, outstanding efforts to develop this surgical therapy were made by Norman Shumway and Richard Lower at Stanford University (Lower and Shumway 1960; Shumway et al. 1966) overalongperiod of time. Norman Shumway himself performed the fourth heart transplant in the world in January 1968, which was the first adult human to human heart transplantation in the United States.


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