Solar Seasonal Storage Water Heating System for Space Heating of a House in Hangzhou: Simulation Using TRNSYS

  • Jie Lu
  • Guoqing HeEmail author
Conference paper
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Solar energy is sustainable energy for space heating, and the seasonal storage technology is a promising way to solve the mismatch between the annual solar energy abundance and the heating demand. The paper proposes a solar seasonal storage water heating system (Solar-SSWHS) for space heating of a detached single-family house in Hangzhou. Simulation using TRNSYS shows that a system of 40-m2 collectors and a 40-m3 storage tank could meet the space heating demand of the house which has 240-m2 floor area and a heating load of 45 kWh/m2. The indoor temperature was kept above 18.5 °C and averaged 20.4 °C during the heating period (Nov. 15 to Mar. 15). The system achieved a solar fraction of 77%. The rest energy was electricity, which totaled 2361 kWh. The system can save coal by 1.74 toces/year and reduce CO2 emission by 4.52 tons/year and SO2 emission by 0.035 tons/year.


Solar energy Seasonal storage Space heating Heat pump TRNSYS 



This work was a result of a funded project by Zhejiang Provincial Department of Science and Technology (2014C31015).


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  1. 1.College of Civil Engineering and ArchitectureZhejiang UniversityHangzhouChina

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