A Study on Securing Non-financial Data Using Blockchain Mechanism

  • Abhyarthna Sontakke
  • Shivam Shadangi
  • Abhavya Verma
  • Roshni PradhanEmail author
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 1119)


Blockchain is a sequence of blocks that contains information. It is originally designed intended to timestamp digitally notary documentation. It was developed by a group of researchers and later it was discovered by Nakamoto Satoshi. Block chain is a distributed public ledger which permits to approach and records the data which are difficult to eradicate. It is a technology intended for industries and companies to cooperate with faith as well as lucidity in work in a safe way. The well-known use of blockchains is a cryptographic currency like bitcoin along with some other uses. In Blockchain, each block contains data, hash of the data, and hash of the previous block. Hash is a fingerprint that identifies a block and block of data containing within it. After the block is created the hash is calculated and it is connected to the previous hash like a chain or necklace. Blockchain in a very simple language is like a garland that secures data with high cryptocracy.


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  • Abhyarthna Sontakke
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  • Shivam Shadangi
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  • Abhavya Verma
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  • Roshni Pradhan
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