Ocular Cancer Stem Cells: Advances in Therapeutic Interventions

  • Upasna Reddy
  • Raaghav Sen
  • Swathi Kaliki
  • Jaganmohan R. Jangamreddy


Cancers affecting the eye are rare and can be either initiated in the eye, primary intraocular cancers, or invaded into the eye as a malignant tumor started elsewhere, secondary intraocular cancers. Melanoma and non-Hodgkin lymphoma in adults and retinoblastoma and medulloepithelioma in children are the most common intraocular cancers. Similar to other cancers, cancer stem cells are reported among retinoblastoma, lymphoma, and melanomas that can be malignant even though are very rare in occurrence. Here, we explore the cancers of the eye and cancer stem cells with the perspective of advanced therapeutic applications for vision and globe salvage.


Cancer stem cells Ocular tumors Eye cancer metastasis Retinoblastoma Ocular melanoma 


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