Policies and Politics in France

  • M. Craplet


French alcohol policy has had many ups and downs since its inception after the defeat of France by Prussia in 1870 and the Commune rebellion, depending upon the political climate of the times. Only courageous politicians have succeeded in setting a coherent policy, for example during the 1950s. Some years later, due to the work of the demographist Sully Ledermann regarding the general consumption model, some physicians, led by Pierre Fouquet, developed a comprehensive approach to the problem resulting in a large interest in alcohol studies under the name “alcoologie”.

The resistance of a wine producing country, blinded by a passion for alcohol, meant that it took a century for alcohol policy to develop from specific measures — such as legislation on public drunkenness and a ban on absinthe — to a public health approach, which included alcohol problems amongst other addictions. However progress continues to be undermined by the French attitude to alcohol. After the political changes in 2002 the French are once again experiencing the political vulnerability of its alcohol policy.

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