Techniques for detection of molecular pollutants by absorption of laser radiation

  • E. D. Hinkley
  • R. T. Ku
  • P. L. Kelley
Part of the Topics in Applied Physics book series (TAP, volume 14)


The absorption of laser radiation can be employed in a variety of ways for pollutant detection and monitoring. Under point-sampling conditions, where sample pressure can be reduced, or during in situ measurements at high altitudes, where spectral lines are narrow, very specific and sensitive detection can be accomplished. Short-path in situ monitoring of effluents at their sources can be performed; and while not as free from potential interferences at atmospheric pressure, it nevertheless, offers the advantage that the stream under investigation is not disturbed by the measurement. This is particularly important for some of the more reactive species. Finally, long-path monitoring yields information as to the average pollutant concentration over a relatively long atmospheric path—an important parameter for the evaluation of various mathematical models being developed for regional pollution prediction. Techniques based on long-path spectral information are being developed to provide continuous surveillance of the troposphere and stratosphere from either airborne or ground-based instrumentation.


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