Quantized ATDHF: theory and realistic applications to heavy ion fusion

  • F. Grümmer
  • K. Goeke
  • P.-G. Reinhardt
VI. Theories of Collective Hamiltonians
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 171)


The quantized ATDHF theory is reviewed and discussed in the context of the generator coordinate method. This allows for a derivation which does not require an a posteriori quantization process. The ATDHF equations are then solved numerically on a coordinate and momentum grid in fully three dimensional geometry. The theory is applied to various heavy ion systems, where potentials, mass parameters and quantum corrections are evaluated and compared to conventional results from constrained Hartree-Fock. Subbarrier fusion cross sections are calculated and compared with experiment.


Saddle Point Mass Parameter Transition Moment Fusion Cross Section Slater Determinant 
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Authors and Affiliations

  • F. Grümmer
    • 1
  • K. Goeke
    • 2
    • 3
  • P.-G. Reinhardt
    • 4
  1. 1.Institut für KernphysikKernforschungsanlage JülichJülichWest Germany
  2. 2.Institut für KernphysikKernforschungsanlage JülichJülichWest Germany
  3. 3.Physik-DepartmentUniversität BonnBonnWest Germany
  4. 4.Institut für KernphysikUniversität MainzMainzWest Germany

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