Deuteron NMR — a new tool for studying chain mobility and orientation in polymers

  • H. W. Spiess
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Polymer Science book series (POLYMER, volume 66)


Pulsed deuteron NMR is described, which has recently been developed to become a powerful tool for studying molecular order and dynamics in solid polymers. In drawn fibres the complete orientational distribution function for the polymer chains can be determined from the analysis of deuteron NMR line shapes. By analyzing the line shapes of 2H absorption spectra and spectra obtained via solid echo and spin alignment, respectively, both type and timescale of rotational motions can be determined over an extraordinary wide range of characteristic frequencies, approximately 10 MHz to 1 Hz. In addition, motional heterogeneities can be detected and the resulting distribution of correlation times can directly be determined.

The techniques are illustrated by experimental examples, concentrating on polymer dynamics. The chain motion in the amorphous regions of linear polyethylene is compared with the chain mobility of atactic polystyrene in the vicinity of its glass transition. Localized motions in the glassy state and their relation to the mechanical properties of polymers are illustrated in polycarbonate, where the jump motion of the phenyl groups can be blocked by low molecular weight additives, which supress the mechanical relaxation. The methyl rotation in this polymer is considered in detail, serving as an illustration for the accurate determination of a distribution of correlation times. Chain order in the amorphous and the crystalline regions of a drawn sample of linear polyethylene is compared. Finally information obtained from 2H NMR about structure and dynamics in novel polymeric materials, i.e. liquid crystalline polymers and polymers model membranes, is reviewed.


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