Spin in Gravity

  • Wei-Tou Ni
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 562)


In these two talks, we report on the efforts to probe the role of spin and polarization in gravitation. After reviewing the motivation and historical background, we focus the talks on the experimental searches. These experimental searches are mainly of two categories: (i) laboratory searches (torsion-balance experiments, magnetic resonance experiments, SQUID experiments), and (ii) astrophysical and cosmological searches (pulsar observations, radio-galaxy observations, gamma-ray observations). We first discuss experimental searches for photon polarization coupling and then discuss experimental searches for electron spin-coupling. In the discussion of photon polarization coupling, we review the astrophysical and cosmological electromagnetic propagation observations. In the discussion of electron spin-coupling, we review the weak equivalence principle experiments, the finite-range spin coupling experiments, the spin-spin coupling experiments and the cosmic-spin coupling experiments. We discuss two recent laboratory experiments, a SQUID experiment and a torsion-balance experiment in detail to illustrate the experimental techniques. The ultimate searches for the role of spin in gravitation is to measure the gyrogravitational ratio. A discussion of the strategies to perform such experiments conclude these two talks.


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