Cold-Atom Clocks on Earth and in Space

  • Pierre Lemonde
  • Philippe Laurent
  • Giorgio Santarelli
  • Michel Abgrall
  • Yvan Sortais
  • Sébastien Bize
  • Christophe Nicolas
  • Shougang Zhang
  • André Clairon
  • Noël Dimarcq
  • Pierre Petit
  • Antony G. Mann
  • Andre N. Luiten
  • Sheng Chang
  • Christophe Salomon
Part of the Topics in Applied Physics book series (TAP, volume 79)


We present recent progress on microwave clocks that make use of lasercooled atoms. With an ultra-stable cryogenic sapphire oscillator as interrogation oscillator, a cesium fountain operates at the quantum projection noise limit. With 6 × 105 detected atoms, the relative frequency stability is 4 × 10−14 τ −1/2, where τ is the integration time in seconds. This stability is comparable to that of hydrogen masers. At τ = 2 × 104 s, the measured stability reaches 6 × 10−16. A 87Rb fountain has also been constructed and the 87Rb ground-state hyperfine energy has been compared to the Cs primary standard with a relative accuracy of 2.5 × 10−15. The 87Rb collisional shift is found to be at least 30 times below that of cesium. We also describe a transportable cesium fountain, which will be used for frequency comparisons with an accuracy of 10−15 or below. Finally, we present the details of a space mission for a cesium standard which has been selected by the European Space Agency (ESA) to fly on the International Space Station in 2003.


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