The Muenster redshift project. Automated redshift measurements from low-dispersion objective prism Schmidt plates

  • P. Schuecker
II Three-Dimensional Distribution of Galaxies
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A three-dimensional galaxy survey at faint magnitudes and over large volumes of space is currently carried out at Muenster. In order to enhance the reliability of the redshifts measured from objective prism plates, three different methods are used: the correlation method, the least-squares method and the break method where continuum breaks are identified directly. The redshift errors of the individual methods are dz = 0.007 (correlation), 0.011 (direct identification) and 0.016 (least-squares). In the majority of cases two independent measurements are possible leading to mean redshift values with errors of 0.008. To date redshifts of 24 000 galaxies with 17m < mJ < 20m have been obtained. The current rate is an increase of 6 000 galaxy redshifts per measuring week.


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