A study of galaxies with z≤0.3 in the ESO/SRC Atlas Field No. 411: Galaxy distribution and luminosity functions

  • P. Schuecker
II Three-Dimensional Distribution of Galaxies
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 310)


The analysis of 6 300 galaxy redshifts obtained automatically from a single low-dispersion objective prism plate shows that the ESO/SRC Atlas field No. 411 is dominated by a galaxy supercluster at z = 0.11±0.01, (330±30 h−1Mpc). The supercluster consists of at least five rich clusters, connected by bridges of galaxies, constituting a filament of length > 20 h−1Mpc. Luminosity functions are calculated for the high and low density regions. The fraction of bright galaxies is higher for the high density region.


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