On the orientation of double galaxies

  • Piotr Flin
IV Superclusters and Intergalactic Dust
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 310)


The double galaxies in the Local, the Perseus, and the Coma/A1367 superclusters were studied. It is shown that these objects reveal the same tendency of alignment as the other galaxies belonging to the supercluster. The galaxy planes tend to be perpendicular to the plane of the parent supercluster and perpendicular to the radius-vectors from the centre of the supercluster. The angle between the rotation axes of galaxies in pairs, denoted as β, was also determined. The ambiguity connected with the unknown sense of galaxy tilt and spin in the method presented was not removed, the range of the β-angle is 0° – 180°. The distribution of the β-angle is highly non-random. There is a statistically significant excess of small absolute values of the β-angle and a deficit near perpendicular configurations.


Position Angle Axial Ratio Isotropic Distribution Tidal Torque Local Supercluster 
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