Prospects for measuring the evolution of the luminosity function and the angular correlation function

  • Edwin D. Loh
VI Evolution on Large Scales
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 310)


The angular correlation function has been measured at redshift 0.5 to 30 % precision and the characteristic luminosity to 20 % precision with a catalog of photometric redshifts of 1000 field galaxies. In the near future, the number of galaxies can be increased a hundredfold. Then 7 % precision in the characteristic luminosity for each of ten color classes and 5 % precision in the correlation function are attainable. If a nearby sample of 100 000 galaxy redshifts becomes available and if the same selection criteria are used for both samples, then one can measure the evolution of these statistical properties of galaxies over a period of a third the Hubble time to high accuracy.


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