Galaxy formation

  • Malcolm S. Longair
Part I. The Origin Structure, and Evolution of Galaxies
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 333)


The present survey is a gentle introduction to many of the most important developments in our understanding of the formation of galaxies. It should be noted that there are many topics which I have not covered but which should form part of a more complete survey. Among topics which merit proper discussion I would include the re-ionisation of the intergalactic gas, the nature of the absorption line systems observed in distant quasars and their role in cosmology, the origin of the angular momentum of galaxies and many other theoretical topics. The books listed below cover many of these topics.

The survey also highlights areas which are ripe for exploration by the new observing facilities. It is unnecessary to list all the observations one would like to make of direct relevance to the problems of galaxy formation. What is striking about the subject is that many questions have arisen which can be answered by observation if the time is made available for their study by the present and next generation of telescopes. Many key programmes which are now at the very limit of what is possible should become quite straightforward with the new generation of telescopes. Prime among these facilities will be the Hubble Space Telescope, the Infrared Space Observatory, the Advanced X-ray Astronomy Facility and the coming generation of Very Large Telescopes. It will be intriguing to compare what are currently seen to be the major issues of galaxy formation with the position in ten years time.


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