Asymptotic bi-soliton in diatomic chains

  • Jéróme Leon
Part III: Lattice Excitations and Localised Modes
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 393)


The light scattering in a diatomic chain of nonlinearily coupled oscillators is studied on the basis of classical Hamiltonian equation of motion in the continuum limit. The basic process is a localized Brillouin scattering and we prove that the nonlinear interaction of the light-wave with the phonon-wave results in a strong localization and a mutual trapping of the acoustic wave and the reflected light wave. This is shown to corresponds to the exchange of a given acoustic particle whose energy and momentum depend only on the elastic parameters of the chain. We conclude that the nonlinear coupling induces the existence of a new energy level which value does not depend on the initial condition or any other external constraint or parameter. The asymptotic state consists in a sonic wave front followed by two localized structures which eventually coalease onto the wave front.


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  • Jéróme Leon
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  1. 1.Departement de Physique MathématiqueUniversité Montpellier IIMontpellier cdx05France

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