Exact periodic solutions for a class of multispeed discrete Boltzmann models

  • H. Cornille
Part V: Theoretical Physics
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 393)


Only for multispeed discrete Boltzmann models can we obtain well-defined temperature. Recently different hierarchies of multispeed, multidimensional (d > 1) discrete models have been characterized by their (1 + 1)-dimensional Pde along one axis. Here, for the simplest hierarchy with five independent densities and two speeds which are 1 and either √d or √2 we construct (1+1)-dimensional periodic solutions. The physical corresponding models are the planar square 8νi, d = 2 model and two three-dimensional 14νi, d = 3 models( one of them being the Cabannes model).


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