Computational Neurogenetic Modeling (CNGM): A Brief Introduction

  • Lubica Benuskova
  • Nikola Kasabov
Part of the Topics in Biomedical Engineering. International Book Series book series (ITBE)


This chapter introduces the motivation and the main concepts of computational neurogenetic modeling (CNGM). It argues that with the presence of a large amount of both brain and gene data related to brain functions and diseases, it is required that sophisticated computational models are created to facilitate new knowledge discovery that helps understanding the brain in its complex interaction between genetic and neuronal processes. The chapter points to sources of data, information and knowledge related to neuronal and genetic processes in the brain. CNGM is concerned with the integration of all these diverse information into a computational model that can be used for modeling and prediction purposes. The models integrate knowledge from mathematical and information sciences (e.g. computational intelligence — CI), neurosciences, and genetics. The chapter also discusses what methods can be used for CNGM and how. The concepts and principles introduced in this chapter are presented in detail and illustrated in the rest of the book.


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