Simple Deep Sky Viewing

  • Philip Pugh
Part of the Patrick Moore's Practical Astronomy Series book series (PATRICKMOORE)


You step outside your back door in the heart of the countryside. You can see the Milky Way stretch from horizon to horizon. The Andromeda Galaxy and the Beehive are clearly visible even without binoculars.

Then you wake up. You are living in the middle of a small town. A street light mars the view, and the assorted orange glows from a couple of nearby towns and housing estates do not do anything to help the situation, either. Should you give up astronomy for good and do something else?

No, not at all! Many experienced amateur astronomers only go out on the clearest of nights, but they are missing something. Maybe some astronomers have a bias toward the Solar System, which is influenced by the conditions under which many of us do most of our viewing, such as in the suburbs of a small town. There are several interesting objects that can be enjoyed under bad viewing conditions from bad sites, with modest equipment, although good viewing sites, clear skies, and good quality equipment is not seen as a disadvantage.


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