Beyond the Local Group

  • Philip Pugh
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For the purposes of definition, the Local Group (of galaxies) includes the following:•The Andromeda Galaxy (M31) •Its satellite galaxies (M32 and M110) •The Magellanic Clouds •The Pinwheel (M33) There are also some dwarf elliptical galaxies that are not readily visible to amateur telescopes.

As a general rule, anything outside of this area becomes progressively more difficult because of the sheer distance. Although there have been some exceptional claims of galaxies outside of the Local Group being visible to the unaided eye, it is certainly not something to expect and, indeed, on many days it is impossible to see anything outside the Local Group in large binoculars. The term “aperture fever” is often used to describe the type of equipment used for viewing beyond the Local Group, and it is a fair assessment.


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