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In this book the comprehensive approach to the analysis, identification, evaluation, prediction and optimization of complex technical systems, operation, reliability, availability and safety is presented. The results obtained may play the role of an easy-to-use guide necessary in reliability and safety evaluations of real complex technical systems, as well as during their operation and when they are designed. To make the results and the proposed methods and algorithms easy and useful tools for reliability practitioners their usage is illustrated by various examples of their application to the identification of the unknown parameters and to evaluation and optimization of the real system reliability and safety characteristics. The general analytical reliability, availability and safety models are the basis for the procedures and algorithms that allow to find the main and practically important reliability and safety and renewal and availability characteristics of the complex technical multistate systems. These models together with the linear pogramming are very useful in the complex technical systems operation, reliability, availability and safety improvement, optimization and their operation cost analysis. The methods and the procedures of identification of operation processes and the reliability and safety models of the complex technical systems presented in the book may be successfully applied to the real complex technical systems operation, reliability and safety unknown parameters estimation. All the tools are useful in the reliability, availability and safety optimization and operation cost analysis of a very wide class of real technical systems operating at the varying conditions that have an influence on changing their reliability and safety structures and their components, reliability and safety characteristics.


Operation Process Safety Evaluation Safety Structure Safety Characteristic Safety Improvement 
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