Splitting of the Main Problem into Four Sub-cases

  • Zvi AradEmail author
  • Xu Bangteng
  • Guiyun Chen
  • Effi Cohen
  • Arisha Haj Ihia Hussam
  • Mikhail Muzychuk
Part of the Algebra and Applications book series (AA, volume 16)


In this chapter we collect all necessary definitions and basic facts about Normalized Integral Table Algebras. In this chapter the case (4) is settled provided that the number of constituents in b 3 b 8 is not four. It is shown that under this assumption there are only two NITAs of dimensions 22 and 32. None of them is induced from a group. The case when the number of constituents in b 3 b 8 is four is still open. It is also shown that in the case (3) b 3 b 8 contains exactly three constituents of degrees 6, 10, and 15. It is proved that if the constituent of degree 10 is real, then (A,B)≅ x (CH(PSL(2,7),Irr(PSL(2,7))).


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  • Guiyun Chen
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  • Effi Cohen
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  • Arisha Haj Ihia Hussam
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  • Mikhail Muzychuk
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