Hardware Platforms for WSNs

  • Ana-Belén García-HernandoEmail author
  • José-Fernán Martínez-Ortega
  • Juan-Manuel López-Navarro
  • Aggeliki Prayati
  • Luis Redondo-López
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Many different manufacturers have complete wireless sensor nodes and solutions available. This chapter describes the current main WSN platforms, ranging from systems with radio-frequency bands of 300 MHz to those platforms using a 2.4-GHz radio-frequency band. Much of the information is presented in tabular form to ease comparison between platforms and to have the data in a uniform format. This information has been compiled from a variety of sources, including product brochures and manufacturers’ Web pages. To obtain more detailed information on any product, we highly recommend consulting the references at the end of the chapter or directly contacting the manufacturer.


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