Microscope Laser Light Scattering Spectroscopy

  • Joyce A. Peetermans
  • Izumi Nishio
  • Toyoichi Tanaka
Part of the Topics in Molecular and Structural Biology book series (TMSB)


QLS is a now commonly used technique in biology, chemical physics and colloidal and macromolecular physics, mostly for particle sizing or velocimetry. In more special cases, QLS is used in the analysis of phase transitions and critical phenomena. The scattering volume is defined as the intersection of the illuminating laser beam and the region viewed by the collection optics. Most conventionally, QLS experiments are carried out on scattering volumes of (0.05 mm)3 to (1 mm)3. Needless to explain, this is much larger than most living cells.


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  • Joyce A. Peetermans
  • Izumi Nishio
  • Toyoichi Tanaka

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