The War Breaks Out

  • Aron Shai
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By 9.45 a.m. (West Longitude Time) Sunday, 7 December 1941, after less than two hours of devastating bombing by a Japanese airforce of 360 aircraft at Pearl Harbor, eight battleships of the United States Pacific Fleet had been sunk or put out of order with three light cruisers, three destroyers and a number of auxiliaries; 2403 men of the United States Navy, Marine Corps, Army and civilians were killed and 1178 wounded. The Japanese had gained control of the Pacific. Coincidentally, within a few hours of the shattering attack on Pearl Harbor, on Monday, 8 December (west of the International Date Line), Japanese planned attacks were carried out on the American Philippines and on British Hong Kong and Malaya.1. A new phase in the Second World War had started — the Pacific War.


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