Working with Source Code Control



In this chapter, you learned about the integration between FogBugz and various source code control applications. You saw how to set up the integration and were introduced to some scenarios where it’s very helpful to have this in place. With that, you know almost all of the ins and outs of FogBugz: you’ve gone from simply entering cases, through managing and administering the system, to using it in conjunction with your other programming tools.

There’s one final key point to remember, though. Because FogBugz is supplied as ASP or PHP pages as well as an unlocked database, its source code is completely open. Though Fog Creek doesn’t officially support users modifying their own installations, there’s nothing to prevent you from making changes if you find something that doesn’t quite work the way you’d like. I urge you to learn the system inside and out before you start tweaking, though. But if you do need to stretch the boundaries of FogBugz, open the pages in your favorite editor and you may find that the changes you need are easy to make.


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