Corry, Pennsylvania

  • Howard K. Rabinowitz


Although Bernie Proy lives and practices family medicine in Corry, Pennsylvania, when he’s out of town he tells people that he’s from Erie, which is actually 35 miles away. Like most people from small towns, he’s learned that “if I tell them I’m from Corry, they’re going to say ‘Where’s Corry?’ So I say, ‘I’m from Erie.’ ” Similarly, when you ask him where he grew up, “I tell people Uniontown, because if I say Hopwood, they won’t know where it is.” Bernie grew up in Hopwood, a very small town about ten miles outside of Union-town, at the foot of the Chestnut Ridge of the Appalachian Mountains in southwestern Pennsylvania. It was basically farmland, and being at the base of the mountain, timberland and forest. South of Pittsburgh, Hopwood sits near the Mason-Dixon Line, the official separation of the north and south during the Civil War—about 20 miles from the West Virginia border, and 30 miles from the Maryland border.


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