Analysis of Lung Tumor Mortality in the Battelle Beagle Lifespan Experiment

  • E. B. Lewis


Forty beagles in the Battelle group between 12 and 43 months of age (mean age = 562 days) were given “single, 10–30 minute inhalation exposures to 239PuO2 aerosols via a mask’ [52]. Eighteen of the original 40 dogs died with lung tumors as the primary cause of death. Seventeen died of other causes, primarily pulmonary fibrosis, and in nine of these lung tumors were in evidence even though they had not developed to the point of causing death. Finally, five dogs were sacrificed for analysis of tissue distribution of plutonium. Sacrificed animals were asymptomatic for lung tumors and none had lung tumors at autopsy. Details of the experimental procedures and results are given by Park et al. [52].


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