Phonon Heat Conduction in Superlattices

  • Bao Yang
  • Gang ChenEmail author
Part of the Fundamental Materials Research book series (FMRE)


Modern growth techniques such as molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) and metal- organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) have enabled fabricating semiconductor superlattices (SLs) with monoatomic layer (ML) precision. Phonon propagation and scattering in SLs are of both fundamental and practical interest.1-4Phonon heat conduction in semiconductor SLs has attracted considerable attentions due to the applications in thermoelectric devices5-10and optoelectronic devices such as quantum well lasers and detectors.11,12To realize efficient thermoelectric devices, low thermal conductivity materials are sought because the performance of thermoelectric devices is determined by the figure-of-merit Z=S2σ/k, where k is thermal conductivity, σelectrical conductivity, and S Seebeck coefficient.13Superlattices are generally found to have low thermal conductivity values and thus have become candidates in the search for high efficient thermoelectric materials.5,7,14Their unique electronic properties, particularly the capability of tailoring their electronic properties through quantum size effects, also make them essential building blocks in many optoelectronic devices that must concurrently deal with the thermal management issues caused by their poor thermal conductivity. The freedom in tailoring the electronic properties in such quantum structures also leads to the approaches of band gap and carrier pocket engineering to improve the power factor (S2σ) of thermoelectric devices.5,6,14,15


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