Adaptation Patterns for Interactive Systems

  • Matthias BezoldEmail author
  • Wolfgang Minker


The aim of adaptations is to improve the usability of interactive systems. In the course of this, adaptations have to consider the usability fundamentals of interactive systems. Usability has been a research topic for decades and research and practical experience produced a number of usability principles. These principles define high-level knowledge and fundamental goals of user interfaces. They also apply to adaptive interactive systems, which represent a special kind of interactive system. In this chapter, we introduce usability principles and discuss how to design adaptations such that they comply with these principles. At a first glance, the concept of adaptivity violates some usability principles. For instance, an interface that adapts dynamically to user behavior seems to violate the principle of predictability. Adaptations might cause system reactions that are different from what the user expects. Therefore, we investigate the effects of usability guidelines on the implementation of adaptive interactive systems and discuss how adaptive interfaces comply with usability principles.


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