Summary and Outlook

  • Matthias BezoldEmail author
  • Wolfgang Minker


In this book, we discussed the adaptation of multimodal interactive systems to user behavior. The building blocks of the approach are a user modeling component, a set of adaptation patterns, and an adaptation framework. The user modeling component describes user behavior from basic events. Based on a recognition of user actions, a higher-level description of user behavior and a prediction of actions and preferences become feasible. For the adaptation description, we collected a set of adaptations and and documented them as patterns in a specific format. The adaptation framework integrates the user modeling approach and the adaptations. A reference implementation of this architecture shows the practicability of the presented approaches and serves as a test bed for an evaluation. We performed an evaluation with test subjects to investigate both the user modeling algorithms and the presented adaptations. In the remainder of this chapter, we give a summary of this work and give an outlook to future research.


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