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An Outpost in the South: Midhurst 1969–1982

  • William Waugh


Charnley’s friends were surprised when they learnt in 1969 that he had set up a centre for hip surgery at King Edward VII Hospital, Midhurst, West Sussex, and many must have wondered what had prompted him to take this step. The hospital was well known as a first-class private sanatorium for the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis in the south of England. Why did he do it? And why Midhurst? There are a number of reasons, but the answer lies, at least to some extent, in the background of this unique institution. What follows in the next few paragraphs comes from an excellent history of the hospital written by Dr S.E. Large and published in 1986.1


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  1. Large S.E. (1986) King Edward VII Hospital, Midhurst 1901–1986. Phillimore, Chichester, SussexGoogle Scholar

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