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Active Retirement 1975–1982

  • William Waugh


Charnley can never have had any intention of taking a conventional retirement, but he knew that he would be obliged to retire from the National Health Service on his sixty-fifth birthday in August 1976. In fact, he retired officially on August 29, 1975, not because he wanted to give up work, but because he wanted the freedom to do the work he wanted. His aims were to continue his research, particularly on the bone—cement interface, to write his book on the operation, and also to travel and lecture abroad. He was allowed to continue to use the workshop and laboratory at Wrightington, and also to operate there. Five years later he wrote to Thackray:

We have to remember that this August [1980] I start the last year of my Honorary Consultantship with the NHS and it is possible that I may not be sanctioned to operate in the NHS after this, even though I understand I shall be permitted to carry on my research activities here as long as I wish. (18.8.80)


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